Project management

Care for cows

Animals‘ Angels is regularly receiving letters or emails from people who have come across cows or calves being kept in worrying conditions. Thank you very much for bringing these animals to our attention. You have come across emaciated cows on meadows, tethered cows in dark barns, neglected and not cared for – and in your eyes these animals shouldn’t be kept like that. We couldn’t agree more!

When you are reporting a farm to us, Animals’ Angels will do its best and take a stand for these animals. Time and again there are situations where we can’t achieve very much – due to a lack of regulations or a lack of measures taken by local authorities. But none of these cows will ever be forgotten. We are fighting for them on higher political levels and advocate for specific legislation for ‘dairy’ cows.

Please stay in touch and keep reporting cows that are injured or neglected, if possible with photos: kontakt(at)