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Our project: Dairy industry EU

The problems in Europe’s dairy industry have been on the agenda in Brussels for years. The bones of contention is the increase in European milk production and the development of lucrative new sales markets. ‘Consumer protection’ plays a subordinate role, ‘animal protection’ no role at all. Everyone talks about milk. Nobody talks about the cow.

No milk today. Let’s talk about cows.

Evidence gathered by Animals’ Angels for years shows grave animal welfare infringements within Europe’s dairy industry. There is an urgent need for action. It is the job of politicians to remind an exclusively profit-oriented dairy industry that cows are fellow creatures that are capable of suffering and that their rights are enshrined in the Basic Constitutional Law and must be respected.

On behalf of the more than 20 million ‘dairy’ cows in the EU Animals’ Angels demands that…

  • Farmers grant their cows the 5 freedoms:
  1. freedom from hunger and thirst
  2. freedom from discomfort
  3. freedom from pain, injury and disease
  4. freedom to engage in their normal behaviours
  5. freedom from fear and suffering
  • Politicians adopt specific regulations for ‘dairy’ cows, eliminate all subventions for dairy farmers and work against the further expansion of the dairy industry
  • Veterinarians meet their duty of care and their function as guarantors for animal protection by carrying out unannounced inspections of dairy operations and exhausting all legal remedies for violations of the law
  • Transporters comply with the provisions of EU Council Directive (EC) 1/2005 and  the Animal Welfare Act
  • Slaugherhouse Staff immediately kill cows unfit for transport and file charges against the deliverer
  • Agricultural advisors make animal welfare a significant focus of their work
  • Agricultural research institutions work on breeding programs that aim for animal health and longevity
  • Prosecutors and Judges take investigations into animal welfare offenses seriously and decide in favour of the animals in case of doubt
  •  the Media report on the true conditions in ‘dairy’ cow husbandries
  • Consumers give up their nostalgic view of farming, sympathize with the fate of the ‘dairy’ cows and change their consumer behavior