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Animals' Angels projects in Europe

Animal market in RomaniaRomania

Romania still has a strong tradition of animal markets. The handling is rough and brutal. Animals' Angels aims to achieve the closure of illegal markets. [more]

Animal market in PolandPoland

In close cooperation with Viva! Poland, Animals' Angels documents the abusive conditions on Polish livestock markets, files charges and works towards the shut-down of illegal markets. [more]

Tethered cowsDairy industry EU

Evidence gathered by Animals’ Angels for years shows grave animal welfare infringements within Europe’s dairy industry. There is an urgent need for action. [more]

Long distance transport EULong distance transports EU

Since its formation in 1998, Animals' Angels takes a stand for the animals on transport destined for slaughter. [more]

Educational work EUCreating Awareness EU

Within the EU Animals' Angels focuses on education and awareness of animal transports. We can be found on fairs, at lectures and panel discussions. [more]