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Project Camel Transports

12.05.2018 | Jason und Filco

Jason and Filco on Board of a Pick-Up Truck

Animals‘ Angels follows a transport with two young camel babies on board: Jason and Filco. They have already been on this transport for four days. With their legs tied together, and at temperatures of on average 40 degrees on...[more]

08.05.2018 | Visiting Camel Farm in UAE

Camel Farm in UAE

Animals‘ Angels visits ‚Camelicious’ camel farm where 5.000 camels are kept for milk production. The farm is owned by the national government and was built in 2003 as an innovative research project. Farm veterinarian Dr Jutka...[more]

10.02.2018 | Third Day at Birqash Camel Market, Egypt

Camels on Truck at Birqash Animal Market in Egypt

For the third day, Animals’ Angels visits Birqash market in Egypt to be there with the camels. Contrary to yesterday, there are much less animals and traders at the premise and thus the atmosphere is a lot quieter. But not for...[more]

09.02.2018 | Second Day at Birqash Camel Market, Egypt

Camel Transport at Birqash Market, Egypt

For the second time, our team visits Birqash camel market in Egypt. There are camels and traders as far as the eye can see. The general atmosphere is even more hectic and agitated as yesterday and we have to pay attention to be...[more]

08.02.2017 | Visiting Birqash Camel Market in Egypt

Camel Slipping into Gap between Ramp and Truck during Unloading at Birqash Camel Market, Egypt

Two teams of Animals‘ Angels make their first visit to Birqash camel market in Egypt. The market is one of the biggest in the country and located north of Cairo. Camel traders and buyers from Egypt and other countries, e. g....[more]