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Peter Kerkenezov - Live Animal Export is Unethical

"Live animal export is a story of corporate profiteering, politics, deceptive information and profound cruelty. It is also a story of division within society where the opponents of the trade are unyielding in their fight to end the prolonged horror meted out to the animals selected for export.

Generally it appears, most exponents for the export of living animals from Australia’s shores have a pecuniary interest and their interest in economics far overshadows any compassion for the entities being exploited. The truth is that there is a very dark side to this trade and there is no way that live animal export can be ethical. There is no ambiguity of the inherent cruelty of long hauls at sea and deplorable acts of inhumanity on foreign soil."

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» Read Dr. Sue Foster's comment (Veterinarians Against Live Export, VALE) and Dr. M. Richard's letter to the Editor

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Dr. Kerkenezov's article from our June 2014 Issue 275 is republished here with permission as is the following article from Veterinarians Against Live Export (VALE) and Dr M Richards’ Letter to the Editor from our September 2014 Issue 276.