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Overview: Our investigations in Australia

21.02.2017 | Attending Saleyard in Muchea

Sheep in Pen, Saleyard Muchea, Australia

Animals’ Angels attend Muchea where just over 15000 sheep and lambs are for sale. Density of some pens was high to the point where the sheep could not move. And an outgoing pen where sheep are held before loading had a water...[more]

18.01.2017 | Inspection of Mundijong Animal Market

Mundijong Animal Market, Australia

Animals’ Angels attend the Mundijong Market where there are 15 x pigs, 2 x ponies, several poultry birds, native birds, rabbits, guinea pigs and a ferret for sale. The temperature today is approx. 33°C with little wind. It is...[more]

21.12.2016 | Inspection of Mundijong Animal Market

Heat Stress in Poultry at Animal Market in Australia

Animals’ Angels attend the Mundijong Market where there are several poultry birds for sale, pigs, ponies, an alpaca, and one rabbit. The temperature today is 42°C with little wind. There is no legislation which prohibits the...[more]

24.11.2016 | Inspection of Swan Hill Saleyard

Saleyard Inspection Animals' Angels

Animals’ Angels visit the Swan Hill Regional Livestock Exchange Victoria for the first time. The sheep sales have ended for the year so we are surprised to find at least 6 sheep in a pen of approx. 40 sheep who are non-weight...[more]

23.11.2016 | Visiting Horsham Saleyard

Overcrowded Pen, Saleyard Australia

Animals’ Angels visit the saleyard for the first time. There are 12.700 sheep and lambs for sale. The yard has a system in place which clears all people from the area immediately after sale. This makes it easier to move the...[more]

22.11.2016 | Visiting Camperdown Livestock Selling Centre

Cattle with Broken Horn at Saleyard in Australia

Animals’ Angels visit the Camperdown Livestock Selling Centre where approx. 600 cattle and 30 calves are for sale. We observe a steer with a freshly broken horn: blood runs down the side of his face and the bloody tissue is...[more]

21.11.2016 | Attending Geelong Saleyard

Saleyard Geelong, Australia

Animals’ Angels visit the Geelong Poultry Market and find approx 160 chickens, pigeons, and ducks, plus 1 rabbit for sale. All cages have water, all animals appear to be in acceptable condition and they have room to move. Density...[more]

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