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Overview: Our investigations in Australia

17.05.2017 | Visiting Mount Gambier Saleyard

Overcrowded Sheep Pen, Saleyard Australia

Animals’ Angels visit the yard where 902 cattle and 3130 sheep are for sale. Although the day is cool, the water troughs are clean and provide fresh water. It appears an improvement in the handling of cattle has occurred since...[more]

16.05.2017 | Visiting Naracoorte Saleyard

Overcrowded Sheep Transport, Australia

Animals’ Angels visit the yard where 741 cattle and 3936 sheep are for sale. Although the day is cool, the water troughs are clean and provide fresh water. The density of two pens of cattle prevent them easily reaching water....[more]

28.03.2017 | Visiting Dublin Saleyard

Sheep with Overgrown Claw, Saleyard Dublin, Australia.

Animals’ Angels return to Dublin saleyard where approx. 60-80 pigs and 13.000 sheep including 10.000 older lambs are for sale. The handling of the pigs is not acceptable. Two men in separate incidents hit moving pigs to force...[more]

20.03.2017 | Meeting with Chief Veterinary Officer in Victoria

Animals’ Angels meet with the Chief Veterinary Officer and Principal Animal Health Officer to discuss the systemic animal welfare problems in saleyards/markets in Victoria. They are aware their Animal Welfare Officers are not...[more]

15.03.2017 | Visiting Mundijong Animal Market

Inspection of Mundijong Animal Market, Australia

Animals’ Angels attend the Mundijong Market several poultry birds, a peacock, rabbits and guinea pigs are for sale. The temperature today is approx. 23°C and much cooler than in the previous days. We note some small chicks...[more]

03.03.2017 | Meeting with West-Australien Department for Agriculture

Animals’ Angels meet with two new Dept of Ag and Food WA appointees. One is responsible for Animal Welfare Regulation in Western Australia and the other looks after communication to industry. We discuss a range of welfare...[more]

01.03.2017 | Visiting Mundijong Animal Market

Animal Market Mundijong, Australia

Animals’ Angels attend Mundijong where 17 sheep, 2 goats, several ducks, geese chickens, Approx. 6 boxes of small chicks, 4 rabbits, guinea pigs, pigeons 1 x native Pink and grey Galah, 1 x native Pink & grey Galah x Corella...[more]

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