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Overview: Our investigations in Australia

02.03.2012 | Australia| Fremantle, WA

ANIMALS’ ANGELS are present when approx 6540 sheep arrive on 10 trucks to the port for loading onto the Ocean Shearer which will take them to perhaps the Middle East or Turkey. The animals will be killed without pre-stunning. A...[more]

19.2.2012 | Australia | Fremantle WA

ANIMALS’ ANGELS are at the port for the 2nd day of loading sheep onto the MV Al Shuwaikh. The 14 or so day journey for these animals will take them the Middle East where they will be slaughtered without pre stunning.29 transports...[more]

18.2.2012 | Australia | Fremantle WA

ANIMALS’ ANGELS observe the arrival of approx 2000 sheep for loading onto the ship Al Shuwaikh. The animals will endure a journey of approx 14 days on the ship to the Middle East where they will eventually be slaughtered without...[more]

15.02.2012 | Mundijong Western Australia | Mundijong market

The day is hot-34ºC and 5 pens had no water for the animals. In an area where approx 6 other calves are held, a very skinny calf in is observed by the DAFWA Inspector. He talks with the owner about the calf’s condition. Two...[more]

14.2.2012 | Australia | Bullsbrook WA

ANIMALS' ANGELS follow a goat transport in which the trailer does not have sufficient partition gates to prevent surging and possible smothering of the goats. Arguably there is sufficient room for the animals; however the goats...[more]

14.2.2012 | Australia | Muchea WA

ANIMALS' ANGELS attend the Muchea Saleyard where approx 9000 sheep are being sold. The animals are in good condition and there are no unfit animals in either the sale pens or in the no commercial value pens. Loading is quiet and...[more]

14.1.2012 | Australia | Fremantle WA

ANIMALS’ ANGELS are at the port for the second and day to observe the transport and handling of 6000 sheep and 70 or so cattle as they are bought in 8 trucks for loading onto the Al Shuwaikh.Animals with sharp uncut horns,...[more]

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