Project management

Our project: Animal transports and saleyards in Australia

Animals’ Angels is the only welfare group in Australia with the sole focus on animals in saleyards and transports. The time we spend on these two areas allows us to gain first hand knowledge of just how the saleyards and animal transport system operates; if the operators comply with their legal obligations; and if not, why not. From there, we endeavour to use the knowledge for change.

Regardless of what is thought about the future of the industry, animal handling will continue, and it is vital that people demonstrate compliance with their obligations to treat animals appropriately and humanely in accordance with the law. We are very focused on achieving the best outcomes we can within the existing confines of the law.

The aim of our work on saleyards it to

  • Cooperatively – proactively engage with industry and government bodies to encourage and educate for compliance to the current laws and regulations.
  • Support change and improvements in yards which require assistance. 

In relation to transports we aim to

  • Raise awareness and ensure the uptake of the new legally binding transport ‘standards and guidelines’,
  • Raise levels of compliance to animal welfare legislation and
  • Improve handling and treatment of animals by all drivers.