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 Pradeep K., founder VSPCA  Krishna Veni, CRPI action team  Sri Devi, CRPI action team

Pradeep K., Founder VSPCA
Krishna Veni, action team
Sri Devi, action team

Detailed view: Our investigations for the cows in India

22.01.2018 | Animal Market Inspection in Thallapalem

Goats with Tethered Legs, Thallapalem Shandy, India

Our Indian team visits Thallapalam animal market where goats, pigs and poultry are being sold.

Contrary to legislation, the animals don’t get any water or food. Many of them lie on the dusty ground with their legs tied together. No regulatory authority is present, neither a veterinarian, nor a member of the market commission or police.

Our team documents all violations and files a complaint to the competent authorities.