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 Pradeep K., founder VSPCA  Krishna Veni, CRPI action team  Sri Devi, CRPI action team

Pradeep K., Founder VSPCA
Krishna Veni, action team
Sri Devi, action team

Overview: Our investigations for the cows in India

May 2013 | India, CRPI Success at the Temple of Simhachalam

For decades dairy farmers in Andhra Pradesh have donated their unwanted/unneeded male calves to temples. The main temple has been Simhachalam Temple near Visakhapatnam receiving up to 10.000 calves every year. After having been...[more]

April 2013 | India, Awareness and Education Camps in Villages

In India, cattle farmers and villagers are often closing their eyes to the cruel treatment their animals are facing once they are sold. Some farmers for example believe - or want to/pretend to believe - their male calves will...[more]

March 2013 | India, Operations on 'Plastic' Cows

Animals' Angels and NetAp support VSPCA during operations on 'plastic cows'. The complicated surgeries are carried out by a veterinarian who comes from Hyderabad. Animals’ Angels pays for the operations on 30 cows in March...[more]

February 2013 | India, CRPI Meeting with Ministry in Hyderabad

The CRPI Team has an appointment with the Minister for the Administration of Hindu Temples in Hyderabad, the state capital of Andhra Pradesh. Showing our photos the Team presents the drama that takes place at the Simhachalam...[more]

January 2013 | India, Raising Awareness at Gayatri Vidya Parishad College

The CRPI Team visits Gayatri Vidya Parishad College and other schools. Most of the students’ parents keep “dairy” cows. The Team demonstrates the importance and status of cows in Indian society. The attention and love that the...[more]

January 2013 | India, Raising Awareness at Simhachalam Temple

The CRPI Team is at work distributing flyers and brochures at the temple and in surrounding villages. The Team provides information to small farmers and answers questions. The belief is still wide-spread that the calves are not...[more]

January 2013 | India, Raising Awareness at Small-Scale Farms

Like everywhere else, Animals’ Angels’ focus in India lies on the work for the animals on the transporters. However, some of the causes for the existing problems can be found with the farmers. For example, many small farmers in...[more]

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