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 Pradeep K., founder VSPCA  Krishna Veni, CRPI action team  Sri Devi, CRPI action team

Pradeep K., Founder VSPCA
Krishna Veni, action team
Sri Devi, action team

Animal transports in India: strict legislation...

India has very detailed and strict laws for the protection of animals during transport. India’s laws are by far stricter than Europe’s. For example, in Seemandhra/Telangana  only six adult cattle may be transported on one truck, in individual compartments. In Europe over 30 animals are transported together while each of them should be granted with only 1.5 m².

... no enforcement and cruel transport conditions

Markets / "Shandies":

  • Lack of infrastructure at shandies: no protection from sun or rain, no water or feed.
  • Weak and exhausted animals, even before the start of the journey on trucks.
  • Cattle is sometimes walked to shandies for days; weak animals collapse on the way.

Loading and Transport:

  • No enforcement of animal transport legislation.
  • As legal requirement for animal trucks are very strict, the industry tries to hide the animals on the trucks so authorities can’t recognize the vehicle as an animal truck.
  • Horrendous loading practices and transport conditions: heavy beating; sticks pushed into animal genitalia; unfit animals are pulled on the trucks with ropes; cows are forced to the ground and tied up; lying on top of each other; unable to move; horns being sawn off.

Illegal destinations:

  • Cows and their offspring are slaughtered in Seemandhra/Telangana  on markets and in illegal slaughterhouses.
  • Cows and calves are illegally transported to and killed in slaughterhouses which are only licensed to slaughter buffaloes.