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25.07.2017 | Animal Transport Checks at Kibaha Checkpoint

Animals' Angels inspects Animal Transports at Kibaha Checkpoint, Tanzania

The team of Taweso and our volunteer Zuzana inspect animal transports at Kibaha checkpoint.

Today, the team inspect a cattle transport carrying to many animals. The conditions are so bad that this must be already considered a success.

Another transport carrying goats is utterly overloaded by 32 animals, according to our calculation. The animals are packed so densely that they cannot move at all.

The authorities educate the driver on the allowed loading density and hand him over our animal welfare leaflets. But they shy away from imposing a fine. We know from experience that the authorities do not punish infringements until they are instructed otherwise by the government. We are in contact with the agriculture ministry on that matter.

Education Film:
Improving Animal Welfare in Tanzania