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Overview: Our investigations in Tanzania

June 2017: Introducing our Animal Welfare Education Package at Morogoro Veterinarian College

Introducing our Animal Welfare Education Package at Morogoro Veterinarian College

We introduce our animal welfare education package at Morogoro Veterinarian College where we talk with the director and the professor for animal welfare. The material is well accepted and will be used in next semester’s animal...[more]

June 2017 | Education Package Presented Successfully at Mpwapwa College for Agriculture

[Translate to englisch:] Mit Mit großem Erfolg präsentieren wir unser Schulungspaket am Mpwapwa College für Landwirtschaft und ‚Nutz‘tierhaltung

Animals‘ Angels visits Tanzania’s biggest school for agriculture where future animal transport and market inspectors are being trained. We meet with the college’s director as well as all professors teaching animal welfare and...[more]

Februar 2017 | Transport Inspections at Kibaha Checkpoint

Animal Transport Inspection Tanzania

On behalf of Animals‘ Angels, our team of Taweso is at Kibaha Checkpoint located at the main access road to Dar es Salaam. This is where all animal transports heading to Tanzania’s biggest cattle and goat market as well as to...[more]

October 2016 | Non-Violent Loading – Successful Breakthrough

Non-Violent Loading, Cattle Market Tanzania

Animals‘ Angels is back in Tanzania. We visit the cattle markets at Pugu and Dodoma as well as several collecting points. While we already had some considerable achievements for the animals (water supply, feed, improved ramps),...[more]

October 2016 | Animals' Angels Signage at Tanzania's Largest Cattle Market

Animals' Angels Signage at Tanzania's Largest Cattle Market

This new 2x3 m signage gives a clear message to the market users at Pugu, Tanzania’s largest cattle market. Some weeks ago we erected this banner directly next to the loading ramp, with the market administration’s approval and...[more]

10.10.2016 | Abraham: a ‚Downer' Bull at Pugu Cattle Market

[Translate to englisch:] Bulle Abraham, Rindermarkt Pugu, Tansania

Animals‘ Angels visits Pugu cattle market in Tanzania. At the verge of the market we see a bull lying on the ground. We call him Abraham. His eyes are closed and his head lies on the ground – nobody takes notice of him. We find...[more]

July - September 2016 | 23 Inspections at Tanzania's Biggestet Cattle Market

Broken Ramp at Pugu Cattle Market, Tanzania

From July to September, on behalf of Animals’ Angels, Taweso team inspects the cattle market in Pugu, Tanzania, 23 times. The team is present at the market twice a week and documents the situation for the animals, is handing...[more]

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