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Animal Day at Mers El Kheir Animal Market Morocco, 2014

In August 2014, a large team consisting of Animals’ Angels founder Christa Blanke, our investigators, our office staff and our dedicated volunteers, returned to Mers El Kheir. Equipped with water buckets, feed pens for sheep and birds, first-aid kit, halters, bits, animal welfare leaflets in Arabic and lots of other things we were there to do some good to the animals at the market.

We want to demonstrate that each of the animals is an individual who is as thirsty, hungry, and sensitive as we are and we showed that there is somebody who cares for them and their well-being.

The "Animal Day" is not about taking notes of violations or documenting problems – it is about being there with the animals and planting a seed of a better animal human relationship.

Animal welfare problems in Morocco, 2014

The following short film shows numerous severe animal welfare problems at animal markets and on animal transports in Morocco. All scenes have been shot during Animals' Angels investigations in 2014.