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January 2018: Home Visits to Donkey Michel

Our Team in Morocco Pays Home Visits to Donkey Michel to Treat his Wounds

In December and January, Animals‘ Angels pays weekly visits to our ‚patient’ the donkey Michel. At our last visit at the beginning of December, the male donkey again had a severely inflamed open wound at his back. Still he had to work for his owner.

After long and intense talks to his owner and his wife, we decided to regularly pay unannounced visits to their home to check whether they really grant Michel the promised recovery period. And naturally, to clean and care for his wounds.

Habib and Boubaker, our team on-site, did an amazing job: finally, the family is giving Michel some rest! He hasn’t been working for 25 days, maybe the longest vacation he ever had. His wound gets better from week to week and Milouda, the wife of Michel’s owner, cares for him as promised.

This really is a great success – after two years of educational work with many ups and downs. We hope, that the family eventually understood their obligation to care for their animals. Of course we will regularly check on Michel and whether the family will keep their word in the long run.