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11.12.2016 | Taking Action for the Donkeys of Skherat

Taking Action for the Donkeys of Skherat

This Sunday our team arrives at Skherat animal market already at 8:00 in the morning. During their first walk around the market they again see badly tied up sheep and some poorly tethered ‘milk’ cows. Afterwards they head for the donkry ‘parking lot’, meeting again the donkeys Ttuam and Sadiq who have not been at the market for seven month.

Ali, Habib and Boubaker unhitch the donkeys and tirelessly talk to their owners to sensitize them for their animals’ needs. They fortunately notice that also in Skherat some of them already unhitch their donkeys by themselves immediately on arrival at the market.

Again today our team comes across the two donkeys Michel and Tayis. Tayis belongs to the son of Michel’s owner. He had received a saddle pad from Ali, Habib and Boubaker that was custom-prepared for Michel’s back wounds and which is now used for Tayis. Taking of his harness, our team finds still the same wound at his breast which they had already treated long ago. Unfortunately, it has not healed yet. Ali, Habib and Boubaker urge the owner to better care for his donkey. They again treat his wound and try to at least temporarily mend his harness. They also treat Michel’s wound that has not yet totally healed.

After the market investigation, on their way back home, our team encounters a horse cart which had an accident caused by a loose tire, probably due to the cart being overloaded with straw. Luckily, the driver as well as the horses are unharmed. However, the exmaciated horse is very scared. Our team talks to the owner and tries to help on-site.