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Special occasion donations

Donations to mark a birthday, wedding or company anniversary

Often people who have a reason to celebrate do not want to think just of themselves but also want do something for a good cause. Help Animals’ Angels to be there with the animals: Make your special occasion really special, go for “donations instead of gifts”.

Whether it’s your birthday, a wedding or company anniversary that you are celebrating, or you are happy about a birth or baptism: Ask your guests to support Animals’ Angels with a donation instead of giving gifts. This allows a wonderful celebration to become a much needed source of help for the animals.

We will be happy to assist you: please order our information materials for your guests from our business office: You will also find practical items for your festivities in our online shop (e.g. napkins, vegan wine).


It is very hard to lose someone dear to you. We are all the more grateful if you choose to support Animals’ Angels during this difficult time. By asking those grieving with you not to purchase wreaths and flowers but to make a donation to Animals’ Angels instead, you will be of great help in keeping us there with the animals.  Thank you for your consideration.

Please notify us! We kindly ask that you notify us of your request for donations to be sent to Animals’ Angels by sending us a copy of the obituary or by writing to us (letter, fax, e-mail). That way we can allocate the incoming memorial donations containing your stated reference directly to your request and guarantee flawless processing.