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Simply transfer your donation to our donation account. Further information and our bank details are provided here.

Become a sponsor or a sponsor plus and secure our work over the long term. Additional information and the sponsorship declaration can be found here.

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Fundraising campaigns
Learn more about our current and past fundraising campaigns

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You want to donate on occasion of your birthday, wedding or company anniversary or in loving memory of a deceased person? For this purpose please pay attention to our information.

Civil penalties and fines allocated by public prosecutors and criminal courts are an important source of funding for Animals’ Angels. Here you can find more information.

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In our online shop you can get everything the heart could wish for – as well as informative literature about our work and of course all books by Christa Blanke.

By the way:
Animals' Angels e.V. is a registered charity. Donations and sponsorship contributions are tax-deductible in Germany. We send out donation receipts at the beginning of each new year, starting at a donation amount of 200 euros. At your request we’ll do it immediately. For contributions under 200 euros the proof of payment is sufficient for the tax office. All funds generated through donations are utilized strictly in accordance with the association’s principles with the aim of ending long-distance transports.

Receipts and tax table

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» Donation tax table