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8hours chronology

2017, July
After further examination, the EU Committee on Petitions eventually closes the 8hours petition for good. Ultimately, the EU Commission does not intend to amend current EU legislation on animal transport but wants to improve enforcement on member state level.

2016, 19 April
Animals' Angels Founder Christa Blanke is invited to defend the 8hours Petition before the Petition Committee of the European Parliament. The petition is unanimously supported by the Petition committee. Further discussions will be held with the Transport Committee, the Agriculture Committee and with the EU Commission. The 8hours petition will remain open.

2014, March
In March 2014 Animals’ Angels receives word from the Petitions Committee. The Committee has ordered that not only the EU Commission but also the committee for Agriculture and Rural Development of the EU parliament consider and debate the 8hours petition. The Petitions Committee takes our request very seriously and promises to keep us informed about future developments.

2013, June
For two years Animals’ Angels has been at the forefront of the 8hours campaign. We have achieved the incredible. However, the financial and personal burden of the campaign is proving too great for our small organization. Animals’ Angels pleads with various large, wealthy animal protection organizations to take over the 8hours campaign and lead it forward. Our pleas, unfortunately, fall on deaf ears. In June 2013 Animals’ Angels brings the publicity campaign to a close and from now on will work for 8hours "behind the scenes", in the political forums in Brussels.

2013, 16 September
Animals’ Angels travels to Brussels to speak to the Petitions Committee, in the presence of MEPs and Commissioners, about the 8hours demands. At the same meeting Animals’ Angels also requests that the Committee investigate the reason why the EU Commission has done nothing to respond adequately to the will of EU citizens and parliament.

2012, 12 December
At a plenary session of the European parliament  552 MEPs vote to accept the recommendations of the report by Janusz Wojciechowski. This report, drawn up on the initiative of the Polish deputy, demands that the EU Commission initiate a series of improvements in animal transport within the EU. Among the demands in this document is the requirement for an 8-hour maximum journey time.

2012, October
Animals’ Angels investigates the consequences of live-animal exports from the EU to third countries, specifically Lebanon. The shocking findings will be used to influence the vote, due in the European parliament in December, on the Wojciechowski report.

2012, August-September
To increase the pressure on John Dalli, Animals' Angels arranges a conference in his home country, Malta. The conference begins on 28 September with the headline banner "Animal Suffering in Long-Distance Transport: Ask John Dalli" and features many prominent speakers. Surprisingly, Dalli himself turns up at the conference, but still refuses to honour his original promise.

2012, June
One of John Dalli’s deputies denies that the Commissioner promised to act on 8hours.  In the course of the next few days more than 30,000 letters of protest are sent to Dalli’s department. But the Commissioner does not respond to them.

2012, June
Animals’ Angels then hands over the collected signatures to the Petitions Committee in Brussels.

2012, 7 June
The collected signatures are officially shown to EU Commissioner John Dalli (Health and Consumer Policy) during a meeting at his office. The Commissioner gives an assurance that by 2014 the Commission will accede to the parliament’s call for action.

2012, 9 May
The EU parliamentary committees ENVI (Environment, Public Health and Food Safety) and TRAN (Transport and Tourism) endorse the 8hours demand.

2012, May
The collection of signatures draws to a close. The final result: 1,103,248 EU citizens have signed the petition.

2012, April
The 8hours brochure is published in English. Its numerous facts and arguments lay the foundation for spreading publicity and convincing people of the need for 8hours. The German-language version appears soon after.

2012, 15 March
The lobbying of the last few months pays off: 395 MEPs endorse the Written Declaration. That is to say, a clear majority of MEPs are demanding a maximum journey time of 8 hours and consequently the European Commission can be called upon to take action.

2012, February
A month before MEPs vote on WD 49/2011 in the EU parliament, lobbying by 8hours activists enters the decisive phase. EU parliamentarians and their parties have to be convinced of the urgent need for action.

2012, January
By the beginning of the year the 8hours petition has already reached its goal: one  million signatures.

2011, November
EU parliamentarians Esther de Lange, Pavel Poc, Andrea Zanoni, Carl Schyler and Dan Jørgensen introduce Written Declaration WD 49/2011 in the European parliament, demanding that the European Commission set a maximum limit of 8 hours journey time.

2011, Spring
Start of the Europe-wide collection of signatures. Goal: at least 1 million signatures for the 8hours demands. The petition can be signed by any adult citizen of the EU using the online portal 8hours. In addition, supporters in many EU countries collect signatures on the street and during public awareness events.

2011, Spring
Animals’ Angels becomes a partner in the 8hours campaign. Thanks to targeted PR, the campaign wins the support of 80 European animal protection organisations in just a few months.

The 8hours campaign is launched by Dan Jørgensen and a representative from the Eurogroup for Animals.