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The 8hours campaign

What is 8hours?

8hours was a Europe-wide animal welfare campaign and a community project of the non-government organization Animals’ Angels and Dan Jørgensen, the Danish Member of the European Parliament. In addition, the campaign was being significantly supported by numerous EU parliamentarians and other European animal welfare organizations.

After several examinations, on July 2017, the EU Committee on Petitions eventually closed the 8hours petition for good.

What goal was the campaign pursuing?

8hours pursued one primary objective: A maximum of eight hours for the transport of animals intended for slaughter throughout the territory of the EU – and thus the abolition of long distance transports.

8 hours – The petition

At the heart of this campaign was a petition calling for an end to long-distance transport and a reduction of the maximum overall journey time to 8 hours. Organisations large and small as well as many committed individuals all over Europe helped to collect signatures. The petition was handed in to Brussels in June 2012, signed by 1,103,248 EU citizens.

What, how, when - the 8hours campaign's chronology

From the campaign's small beginning to over one million signatures, the majority in parliament and current updates. [more]

Picture gallery 8hours

The 8hours logo

The Swiss organization NetAP helps collecting signatures for the 8hours petition
Information stand for the 8hours campaign
Information stand for the 8hours campaign
8hours Supporters in front of the EU Commission building in Brussels
Supporting MEPs, Carl Schlyter, Oreste Rossi, Andrea Zanoni, Keith Taylor & Dan Jorgensen
Former EU-Commissioner John Dalli interviewed by the press after the petition hand-in