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It is our fundamental conviction, one which is also enshrined in German law since 2002,* that it is the responsibility of lawmakers to protect animals in every possible way , according to the requirements of the laws in force. Animal “rearers” and all those who exploit or use animals  must adhere to those same legislative norms. Officials are obliged to check and ensure compliance with and enforcement of the relevant laws.

Unfortunately, that still leaves many gaps in what is needed for acceptable standards of animal rearing. That is why we are spending more and more time in law courts and with political bodies where existing and projected legislation is being discussed and developed, whether in Germany, the EU or international forums.

This is where we constantly plead the animals’ case, in the light of existing laws. This frequently leads to conflict and tedious arguments, because the legislature, the executive and the judiciary are seldom on the side of the animals. We are battling against farmers , veterinary agencies whose work is unsatisfactory , against all the administrative bodies which are failing to observe the animal protection norms in force. We are battling to counter policies which do not advance – indeed, hinder and at worst even prevent – the protection of animals. We fight for the animals in all the judicial and political arenas accessible to us in order to have their protection enforced and improved. We will not cease from the strife until we have exhausted EVERY possible legal means.

We take part in working groups and crucial meetings in Brussels, together with our mission team-leaders. In the legal area we have successfully collaborated for many years with the Göttingen law firm of Dr Konstantin Leondarakis and Partners. In Poland, Australia, India and many other countries we are committed to achieving stricter laws and better enforcement, and if necessary we go to court to get them.

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¹ Staatszielbestimmung "Tierschutz" in Art.20a des Grundgesetzes