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Updates on our projects

Project Long Distance Transports EU

PArticipating in Working Group Drafting Guidelines for Equine Transport

Participating in Working Group

26.01.2016: Animals’ Angels was appointed to participate in drafting the new guidelines on equine transport. In the past, Animals' Angels... [more]

Project Poland

Farm Inspection in Poland

Farm Inspection

13.01.2016: The team of Viva! Interwencje, on behalf of Animals' Angels inspects a small farm where an elderly farmer keeps one sow with... [more]

Project Morocco

Animals' Angels at Mers El Kheir Animal Market, Morocco

Taking Action at Mers El Kheir Animal Market

09.01.2016: Today the team looks after the poultry and provides the donkeys and mules at the market with water, before they will have... [more]

Project Romania

Pigs at Voinesti Animal Market, Romania

Inspecting Voinesti Animal Market

23.12.2015: Voinesti is a village in the county of Dambovita, north Bucharest, with about 7.000 inhabitants. Animals’ Angels checks the local... [more]

Project Australia

Mundijong Animal Market, Australia

Inspection of Mundijong Animal Market

16.12.2015: Animals’ Angels arrive to observe there are no pigs, sheep, goats or cattle for sale, only poultry and birds, rabbits and guinea... [more]

Project Qatar

Animals' Angels Inspects Animal Markets in Qatar

Meeting with Competent Authorities

01.-08.12.2015: Animals‘ Angels inspects animal markets, husbandries and one slaughterhouse in Qatar and attends several meetings with authorities, industry... [more]

Project India

VSPCA Team and Government Officials at Vemulwadi Cattle Market

Inspecting Vemulwadi Cattle Market

25.09.2015: The VSPCA team, on behalf of Animals’ Angels, inspects Vemulwadi cattle market. A large number of buffaloes and cows are for sale. Even... [more]

Project Creating Awareness EU

EU conference “Know what you eat”

EU conference “Know what you eat”

03.07.2015: Animals’ Angels attends a EU conference “Know what you eat” on nutrition and food information organized by the Directorate General of Health... [more]

Project Brussels / EU

Eu Flag

Attending Animal Rights Conference

09.12.2014: Animals’ Angels attends the Access to Justice Conference organized at the EU Parliamentary building by Compassion in World Farming... [more]


Since we started our work in 1996 Animals' Angels inspectors have met literally hundreds of thousands of animals all over the world, deported from their homes, separated from the companions they love, frightened to death, transported for days on end and finally murdered. Our new website shows that they are not forgotten.

Petition against animal markets in Poland

More than 20.000 people already signed the petition of our partner organization Viva! Interwencje demanding a ban of the sale of "farm" animal at markets.

Please help us and sign the petition!