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Dead cows washed ashore in Denmark

The carcasses of eight cows have washed ashore in Denmark and Sweden since December 29th. The police informs that the cows were probably dumped from a ship in the Baltic Sea. To the article at »

A groundbreaking case

Animals' Angels has brought an action in the Federal Court in Sydney against the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.  The matter will be heard on Monday 28 October 2013. Learn more »

Australian cattle die on export flight

On October 23rd 49 heifers died on a flight to Kazakhstan when the 747 freighter's air conditioning system malfunctioned. To the article at »

Julia Award for Courage

Animals' Angels initiates the Julia Award for Courage presented annually for outstanding courage in the cause of animal welfare. First award winner, and name giver, is our head of investigation Julia who is taking a stand for the animals on transports and markets in and around Europe for 10 years now.

Dying Calves at Indian Temple

Our CRPI-Team in India is busy saving lives of hundreds of calves at the Simachalam Temple in India. Every Saturday farmers bring their unwanted male calves to this temple.
Read more »

Campaign against dog transports


Recent publication

Animals' Angels Press' recent publication Contempt for the Citizens is now available for download.

Christa Blanke's new book "With the Eyes of Love"

Christa Blanke - Mit den Augen der Liebe

Buy the book on Amazon or read a short free sample